Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

  We bought a pass the last time we stayed in Williamsburg for +Colonial Williamsburg  so we decided to go one last time for the year.  I like this time of year as much as the spring.  When you visit Colonial Williamsburg multiple times you get the opportunity to see different things, performances, entry into a different home and even how the spruce up the homes be it wreaths in the winter or beautiful blossoms in the garden in the spring.

  So today I am sharing with you the variety of door displays to include wreaths and trimmings.  If you look closely you will see so many varieties of items.  From shoes, to iceskates, artichokes, apples, peppers and oranges.

  My family had a great time walking around looking at the sights and catching a little bit of history in action.  We even might have walked away with a bit more knowledge then what we arrived knowing.

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