Monday, December 14, 2015


  Today is the start of a new week.  It started out just as nice as the weekend with 70 ° temperatures.  Working on an easier blog format for your comfort as well as mine.

  Today I thought a lot about goals and how I need to make them reasonable.  You can make 5 goals or 2 goals and if you can't cross anything off it seems like a hopeless case.  However to make a list and checking off everything with ease is not a perfect match either.

  I started with 3 goals and one is not even for today!

1. Paint my nails (I removed polish last week due to surgery so I'm ready to repaint and get back on glam track!

2. Finish a book. Oh for the love of patience and devotion to just block out everything and complete this task!!!! Been working on it hard and maybe I will not go to bed until it's done.... stay tuned!

3.  Make a goal for tomorrow.  Not cheating at all.  Keeping it within reason.  I didnt list things I knew I would finish.  I didn't list items that are not a challenge.  Making atleast one goal a day ahead will make me more productive.

  Stay tune for my update later.  I could of should have painted my nails while reading my book but I guess that was too easy so after an event I have tonight I will be burning the midnight oil!

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