Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Goals

  Some of my goals for this month!  Making goals is a good thing it helps me feel accomplished but it can also point out what you didn't do.  Sometimes I just transfer what wasn't done onto the next month but after I do that a few times the item just gets retired.  It becomes obvious it wasn't meant to be.

  I have shortened my list to share with you.  So technically I have two lists (at least for this month).  I will work on both lists and hopefully I can clear off some items between the two of them.

1.  24 days of elfness (doing good with this so far although it's early and my two young ones seem uninterested I will try to stir up the entertainment and enthusiasm value)

2.  Without stating my goal numbers here I would like to increase my other social media numbers.  I did hit my goal for November!

3.  Post daily! I don't want to let this slip because one day leads to multiple days!!

4.  Read 2 books!!!!!!!!!!! How hard can this be.  That gives me 2 weeks for each book. Maybe I should set up a reward for if I do get them done.

5.  Continue cooking new recipes as it is so nice to taste different food and try different recipes.  It increases my culinary skills and builds my confidence!  The leftovers do leave a pain in the butt hurtle though!

6.  Youtube once a week (only 4 weeks this is not unrealistic)  This is a chore!

7.  Successful surgery and recovery hmm, all I need to do is show up!  

8.  Make cookies! (2 for me 2 for kids so far)

9.  Pass on kindness. Assemble care packages for homeless. Cookies to police and fire rescue. Shop for the Angel Tree.  I would like touch on all three of these but need to figure out the logistics.

10.  Make advent calender. It is already day 3.  So If I hurry up and make something up. They can get today's and have only missed two days.  I have seen a lot of ideas and know what I want to do just need to gather my ideas!

Ok, so there's my 10 goals in this 31 day month. I don't think it's that hard. Seems reasonable to me.  Do you have a few goals to take care of this month?  

What do you do when you don't complete your goal?

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