Monday, December 21, 2015

Day 21 with Elf

  Elf met us again in the kitchen. Either he knows us pretty good or he really pays attention to a common occurrence here. Eating. Today Elf had the preparations for a treat set out.

He was not trying to take a bath.  He had some of the marshmallows poured in a pan and the Rice Krispies were on deck looking to be next.

We spent the day out and about today but when we got home we got down to business!

This is a good kid recipe so I set the oldest and youngest in for this one.

The oldest didn't know what she walked into  the little one wanted to experience it too.

(I jumped into to dig them out after I sprayed my hands, lol.  Why didn't she think of that?)

Well that's neither here nor there.  They are even edible.  Both kids did a good job and had it not been for Elf we may not have even thought of the idea on our own.

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