Wednesday, December 23, 2015

23 of 25 Days of Elf antics

  Well it has been quiet with a bunch of good days with Elf but I guess all good things must come to an end.  Elf was left unattended again.  I take that back he is always left unattended we as humans have to sleep.  So I think he is onto us. He knows when we are sleeping (he knows when your awake).  Oh wait that's someone else.

Look at what Elf gave us today!

  Even if I thought it was someone else playing a trick on someone else in the house.  Elf always seems to be in the area.  Lurking if you may.  I think to listen in on our reactions or maybe to see our facial expressions when we see what he has left us.

  Well you got us today, Elf.  I'm glad we didn't have any middle of the night runs.  This joke may not have been funny to someone trying to make a quick pit stop.

  The days are numbered with our Elf.  He should go out with a bang.  I wonder what will happen.  Also I have seen plenty of parties for elves coming and going.  I think it only fair to send our Elf off with a going away bash.  After all he has brightened this home into what it has become!

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