Thursday, December 10, 2015

Thanks Elf Day 10

  Good things come to those who wait!  It almost surprises me to see what elf has come up with to start the day.  Sometimes it happens before my very eyes.

  I do have to tell you sometimes Elf is hiding on me and that is a chore to go find him.  He may go missing as soon as he is discovered after his antics or just during the day; he seems to drift or be transplanted without me knowing anything about it.  So I walk around looking for him.  Sometimes the kids switch places with him so that the toys being picked on can get their revenge other times he seems to be put in time out due to his actions at the present time.

  Today was different.  My kids easily forgive and forget.  The kids woke up to a good Elf and that is more acceptable to them.

He made stairs out of legos and was climbing up the tree with our tree topper.  Apparently our Elf was going to put the star on the tree! 

Thank you, elf that was very nice and thoughtful of you!  We have yet to put our ornaments up so you putting the star up is a great start! 

  It was pretty smart of you to assemble your own stairs to climb up there. It must have been pretty hard to get those pieces to stick together.  I know when I have tried to make steps past 4 they always fall apart.

You have started out a great day for us Elf and we needed that.  Today will be a good day for everyone here, I'm sure.  Happy Holidays to you!

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