Friday, December 11, 2015

11 Days of Elf

  You know Elf is not a bad person.  If we were keeping track there has been more good days then bad.  I think we will keep him.  Today he was having fun when we stumbled across him.

  All the toys were in the middle of playing. Guess last night was game night for the toys.

Hungry hippos looked pretty intense! I'm glad Elmo and Lalaloopsy kept it down.  That is not the sound I want to wake up to.

  A nice quiet game of jump rope between a girl and her horse.

Everyone likes a game of UNO! I wonder who won?
Lastly was a game of bowling in my kitchen.  

It's nice to see everyone getting along.  It also was a welcoming way to wake up.   My kids immediately jumped into play action when they saw everything.   Got to love hungry hippo at 0700!  

Thanks for joining us this year Elf.  You have stirred up enthusiasm, fun and added excitement into our day.

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