Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 6 The Elf

There's something about an elf as a houseguest. Nothing is ever boring or at least some of the time. Your always on the lookout. Not sure if he made you a pie or is going to throw it at you. We have tried our best to provide him with good accommodations and to make him happy but I have read so many horror stories about his cousins I am always on edge.

  Today I am happy to say that what he gave us was a beautiful creation.

 You know the saying no snowflake is the same. Well neither are 10!

 Thank you for redecorating the room! You did a great job maybe next time you could pick up after yourself.
  I must say however whenever I see you so close to the proximity of an act of love from you I can't help but almost hear you say, "Who me, I didn't do it, or would you look at that."  ( As if you had nothing to do with it but merely sat there and watched.

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