Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Day Before Holidays

  Do you ever find yourself resting up for the big day?  Are you that organized?  You prepared your list the beginning of the month all the way down to what meal you were making and who was sitting by whom.

  Maybe you even figured out a schedule of what houses you were going to at what time and for exactly how long.  Not me, not this house.

  Today we have been making crafts. Well I have been assisting and making with my youngest daughter.  We visited several stores and brainstormed some ideas yesterday as to what she could give to her family.  She desperately wanted to give her family members something.  She was aware of the gifts they had for her and she wanted to give them something too.

  She did buy 2 items for her sisters and then made and I assisted in her creating ornaments for her family.

A melted snowman being created by little hands.

 Laying the glue down for a stand up snowman.

Supplies for a ninja turtle for a certain little fan.

Last one was a going to a fan of yellow creatures.  I loved this one because she decided it needed to be two sided. So we made the otherside into something else.  Hop over to my instagram to see the final ornaments.

I even got into the crafty mood.

Happy Holidays everyone! I wish for everyone to have a happy, safe and festive day!

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