Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekly recap

  Well last week was a bad week.  All the hard work I put into my weekly meal plan fell through.  I wasn't able to make any of it.   This week due to my surgery tomorrow is a fend for yourself week.

  I hope while I'm recouping that I can at least finish one book.

  My numbers are increasing slowly on my other social platforms which is great.  Jump over to my instagram account and see some of my pictures of what we are up to.  My IG account is meanroel.

I actually will be posting my video of my mail haul today to get that out the way for a stress free week.

Have a great weekend everyone!   We will hopefully pick back up to a nice normal week next week!

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  1. great day to u also... slow and steady it is... followed u on Google+.