Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Jersey Adventures Part 4

  This post will conclude my final adventures in New Jersey participating in their lighthouse challenge.  New Jersey holds this challenge yearly  and although it's been taken over by a different organization has run for 15 years.  I highly recommend joining it next year as it offers not only tours of ALL the NJ lighthouses and safety stations but also provides a great scenic tour of the state.

  You are given the weekend to visit 11 lighthouses across the state both inland and coastal as well as a museum and life saving stations.  You are able to tour the surrounding grounds, climb and tour some lighthouses as well as take advantage of night climbs.  At each stop you are able to chat with a historian or just visit the the structure.  I learned a few things about all the structures that made the tour neat!

  We had started our tour on the west side and then crossed over and south for our tour. So the remaining part of our tour was the coast on the east and down north.  We planned on finishing the challenge and catching the ferry across to Delaware.

  Stone Harbor was our next stop after Ocean City.  Here we visited Tatham Life-Saving Station.

Beautiful painting, beautiful station, beautiful scenery.

Next we crossed over to East Point Lighthouse in Heislerville.  It proved to be a nice drive away from the beach and highway.  We were able to enjoy the fall foliage.   This lighthouse is also under construction/reconstruction.  

steps 40

  This was a beautiful building.  Old whitewashed brick.  The inside was under renovations  so although we were able to go in we were not able to go further than then the two rooms in the front of the building.

  We zipped back across the state to North Wildwood.  Here we visit the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse.

   This visit was quick as we were trying to make the last ferry homebound and we still had one more place to see.  At this location we also received a stamp for the Delaware Bay Lighthouse.  You are able to have a virtual tour of this lighthouse.

  Cape May lighthouse located in Lower Township, New Jersey was the last lighthouse we saw on our challenge.  This beautiful structure standing so tall and so superior was a great way to end.

steps 199

The finishers were allowed to climb this lighthouse without paying the fee but, we were short on time, of course I still had the boot on and it was a long day.  So I wasn't able to but if we go back I will climb this one for sure.

These were for the finishers at this location.  I love it and it's something I won't loose and can keep out as a unique trophy and conversation piece.

Thank you New Jersey I had a great time and look forward to visiting again!

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