Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Now showing Daddy's Home (maybe a spoiler)

  I went to the matinee today for Daddy's Home!  It is rated PG-13 and runs for 1 hr and 36 minutes.  PG-13 is for the language as I am sure all the topless scenes Mark Wahlberg was in was not put into that category.

  This movie was funny!  I enjoyed the whole thing and I don't think it slowed down or got boring in any section.  From start to finish I was highly entertained and not just because of a certain actor.

  The story is a battle between two men. One the new step dad versus the old biological dad.  The step dad is very well read in how to raise step children so he is prepared to parent the kids.  The old dad of course is not ready for someone else to raise his kids, be with his wife and take his family.

  The movie circles around the two guys playing good guy, bad guy and everything in between with no rules.  It's entertaining to watch them top each other.    You could maybe foresee where certain scenes were going but its still well worth it to watch.

  Keep watching till the end because after all what did you pay for!  Good movies keep it good until the credits and sometimes during them!

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