Sunday, December 13, 2015

The 13th Day of Elf

  We are almost to the Big day.  We have made it over the hump and are in the home stretch.  This has been a great journey.  I have had a lot of fun, creating entertainment for my kids.  My little girl now wakes up and asks me what do I think the elf did.  She is excited to see. Whether it's good or bad, helpful or fun.

  She understands it's all in fun.  We never bought the book and elf set.  We got the elf from grandma and just jumped in.  She doesn't know the traditional story of the Elf but it doesn't really matter.  He doesn't have to be Some creepy, nosey elf reporting back to Santa.  He doesn't have to be all about mischief.  He can encourage play, crafts, baking, kindness and 100% all fun.

  Today he was caught hanging around.

Of course it looks like fun! We all remember the monkey bars as a child.  Now a days age has set in and blood rushes to my head quicker or this type of fun has just run its course.

He was not just playing either!  He took the time to hang up the stockings! Thank you Elf.  I'm glad you are pitching in and helping out.  Finishing up in the holiday decoration departments I have slacked in.

The stockings were hung with care and visions of St. Nicholas soon to be here.

Before my daughter even went downstairs today she had said she would like to place elf on a day.  So she told me what she wanted him to do but, I was not to tell her sisters or brother.  So they could wake up to his antics.  See, it's all fun and games!  It would be nice to share the load and wake up to some surprises to!

Thank you Elf for creating a little daily dose of fun.  Something to always look forward to.  My kids know I pose him but they also know I orchestrated his antics for them out of love. I'm completely thinking of them when I position him for their joy and amusement.

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