Saturday, December 26, 2015

Last Day of Elf

  So I never did get around to posting out last day of Elf of day 24.  We regretfully didn't have a big send off.  In fact since we were housing the Elf away from the whole story line he is still with us now.

  He may or may not get packed up but I guess a going away party really isn't necessary when he's not leaving.  But now that I think about it we can't have a party for him arriving either if he's already hanging out with us.  I will have to evaluate this further down the road.  Until then he was up to a little bit of fun for the 24th.

Poor Elf was tucked in the refrigerator this morning.  I'm not sure how long he was in there but at least he had on a blanket.

My daughter also pointed out our milk had been claimed and tampered with.  No one was alarmed enough to not drink it though.

  He apparently liked colors today as he prepared the kids bath as well.

  Bubbles and blue.  Nothing could be better except for some exotic island with 70° weather and no sharks!

  Well with the Elf staying for now we shall see if he does any random acts of good or bad behavior.

  Again my children enjoyed him. They knew it was all in fun and my youngest daughter even made request for what she thought the elf should do or what she was thinking about making him too.  I think this way was just as fun as the don't touch, he definitely did it and he's going to disappear elf.

  I hope everyone had a great holiday!

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