Saturday, December 12, 2015

12 Days of Elf

  Today I am woke up by my daughter to tell me she hugged the elf so hard he told her to let him go.  She was over the moon happy with the gift he brought her.  I just had to hurry up and come downstairs so she could show me.

  She is so funny because then she just leaves.  Of course she comes back with elf item in hand.  We go back downstairs to properly display elf with his goodies!

We managed to get breakfast in and dressed before diving into the arts of the day.

With two to choose from and two kids involved I am fortunate to not hear who was getting which one.  They came to an agreement of which one was going to whom.

The kids got busy painting their ornaments and did I say they were so happy with their goodies?

   I have said before nothing beats the individual technique and style of each child.  One child figures using a brush was just too slow a process!  The other child took her time.  It would be interesting to provide a object for her to paint and watch the process and she learns to control the brush and paints bigger objects.

They did a great job and thanks to Elf we have some new ornaments on the tree and they now officially have their very first created by them ornaments for their future tree.

Thank you Elf! One point for you today!

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