Friday, December 18, 2015

Good Morning Elf (Day 18)

  Elf tried to play a game with the little miss this morning.  She had to read the clues to figure out what was being requested.

He had substituted a chef hat in place of his regular elf hat.  He had a frying pan a slice of cake and a card.

The card held a recipe but the child cannot fully read so she had to figure out what Elf was trying to tell her with the other two items.

  Eventually when frying pan cake didn't make sense she tried her luck with pancake.  Bingo!

She was in charge of the cooking of breakfast this morning!

She did a great job mixing up her pancake batter and I am sure after she makes these a few more times she will commit the recipe to heart.  

Momma made the pancakes and I stepped up my game! Check out a couple of my masterpieces!

Thank you Elf for the funniest breakfast we have ever had!

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