Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Elf day 3

  Woke up to another morning with that Elf in the kitchen.  Either he knows we like all things originating from the kitchen or he is unaware of his flammability.

  Today the Elf wanted some cocoa.  Why he didn't think of that yesterday with the cookies I don't know but that glass of milk washed down the chocolate cookies just fine.  I have had some good cups of cocoa that were satisfying treat in itself so maybe that's what he thought would happen be the out come today!

  I graciously volunteered to make it for him and the kids.   After all we didn't want to see the worst that could happen between a stuffed elf and a stove top burner.

  Found a simple recipe online and whipped it up.  It is a easy recipe and I doubled it to extend to accommodate more drinkers as this recipe was a single serving.  After I thought about it I thought we all would like a cup of cocoa. I wasn't just going to make it just for him.  Then I would have to hear it from the kids. " I want some."  "How come he gets some?"

  This recipe as most recipes you can easily convert to stove top from microwave.  I stopped microwaving my food cold turkey.  Ours broke about 6 years ago and we haven't looked back (we momentarily pause when we see a sale).

Here is the hot chocolate recipe we used: microwave-hot-cocoa

  He looks happy don't you think?  Good Elf! Treat the elf nicely and all will be ok! ;)

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