Thursday, December 31, 2015

Now Showing Sisters (maybe a spoiler)

  I managed to squeeze in one more movie for 2015!  I saw Sisters always pushing the budget envelope I went during matinee times.  Matinees are anything before 5pm I think and the price is just $5.00.

  Sisters is rated R and runs for 118 minutes.  I can not express with the producers and particular actresses: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler language, sex, drugs and innuendos are throughout the whole movie.  They brought the movie to life and kept the comedy flowing through the whole movie.

  Two sisters on a mission to keep their childhood home that their parents have sold to move into a condo to downsize.  They will do anything to keep it and work quite nicely as a team on the battlefront.  As they pack up their room they have a 1980's flashback.  They eventually decide a party is where it's at to give the house a final send off and allow the shy 2nd sister to have a fling in her childhood home.

  Keep an eye out for a few more celebrity appearances.  There is a plot to the movie and a lot of comedy at every turn.  You will laugh, laugh some more and reminisce of your childhood.  You might catch a poster from your childhood wall, an outfit or a toy!

  I am please with this movie and glad I finished off 2015 with this selection.  I will happily rent this when it comes out which proves how good it was if I will watch it again! Credits include some funny outtakes as well.

  Bring on 2016 and let's see what's playing! I already have my eye on a couple in January.  My children do too so I may be able to give you a review of all types of movies.

Hints: a boy, a forest, a bear and some outlaws.

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