Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Street Art (Wordless Wednesday)

  I recently went downtown for a dinner date and came across some wall art.  After that and a little research I realized some how I had missed out a arts festival.

  I missed out on all the bells and whistles, the unveiling and hoopla of the graffiti.  There was a tour containing a few miles of music, lights and art that seemed to have all gone on despite my absence.  I decided something must be done!  So in order to get slightly caught up I explored the area and sought out some of it myself.

The art was part of a celebration of art in the art district of Norfolk, VA.  I hope they are planning to expand and more festivals.  I will try hard not to miss it next time.  It would have been to see a different perspective at night with streetlights or moonlight highlighting the pictures. Maybe I'll drive by and catch someone at work.

  Not all art is bad.  We all have a preference.  However we must agree any of these works of art are much better to view than a plain brick or solid white wall.

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