Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Elf had some chores on Day 16

  After the last couple of be kind days who knows what to expect from elf.  So every morning we just wake up and walk downstairs with some apprehension.  The first couple steps in the hall tells us a lot but not exactly what we are walking into.

 We followed a trail of cereal downstairs.  Why there was such a mess from upstairs to downstairs was a mystery.  We know any late night munchers (the father) would not have been as messy.

  We followed the trail straight to a the culprit.  Or so we think.  Well hello there Elf how do you do?  Sure we would like some cereal for breakfast.

  Everyone did their part with chores after we were done eating.

 Vacuuming up cereal takes an all hands on deck action.

  See you later Elf!

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