Thursday, July 16, 2015

Young chef is back

Today she made granola.  She did assist me in cooking soup as well but her real focus was on the granola.  She is gradually getting better.  You take advantage of your knowledge in the kitchen but teaching someone is entertaining.  We talked about pots and frying pans and cookie sheets.  I pointed out the different measuring utensils again and she nods her head as I go through everything.

We discussed what we were making.  She ran around the kitchen to get the items she could reach. Introduction to the cookie sheet.  I guess it looks different without cookies.
We always start with washing our hands and she gets her stool out to reach the counter and to turn the oven on.  I show her the degrees to set the oven and she has to punch the number so set the temperature.   She also needs to set the timer after I show her what that is.  I let her grease the pan. That will take some practicing.

This recipe needed two ingredients melted together which I watched on the stove.  She mixed and added her dry ingredients.
Squeezing wasn't too bad.  But I needed to remind her over the pan.

 She has stirring down.  Meaning everything stays in the bowl.
She tasted coconut and decided it was good enough to add to our granola.

She then dumped it onto the tray and leveled it out! Slowly is the key word.

We added chocolate chips to the granola after I took it out of the oven.  The granola was still warm so they melted into the mixture and we may add more to it along with craisins for some more texture.
She sampled it and declared it good.  I know she will eat it with some yogurt tomorrow.
You know I am about easy recipes, so don't be intimidated.  Give this a try and make a parfait.  Good with a bowl of milk too I'm sure.

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