Thursday, July 30, 2015

All day Daycations $5! 8 hours of entertainment

  I have decided to breakdown my day trips but will also feature all of them as we completed them in one day.  I will let you know what we did so that you can maybe tweak it to your area and also explore.  Gas is a given on our trips but meals are optional.  Toward the end I started just packing a lunch which makes life easier and saves money.

  We always get up early to get meals, and grooming out the way.  I had planned what city we were going to and the activities within that area.  Monday we were going to Hampton, VA and starting out with a movie.  The Lego Movie was playing in a summer movie series for one dollar at a local theater.  This day we actually ate out for lunch but by all means pack a lunch up to this point we would have only spent 2 dollars but obviously with fast food spent more than that.

  After lunch I took them down the street to the local bowling alley to take advantage of kids bowl for free.  Free means two free games but shoes are extra. $3 for a pair of shoes as the other childs' feet were too small for their smallest size.  Bumpers up or down, ball slide for younger children it's all up to you.  There is an age cut off but it does go up to teens but, it does vary so check with your bowling alley.

  Now you could go home after a movie, lunch, and bowling by now it has been at least 5 hours give or take however we kept going.  We headed to Fort Monroe to hang out on the beach.  This beach is a great hidden gem.  The few times I have been here it has never been crowded.  There were two lifeguards on duty at the two water spots.  The kids played in the water and on the sand and enjoyed themselves.  We left there around 5 or 6 and it was declared a successfully good day.  Yeah one point mom.

Total cost of trip $5 (excluding lunch).
Hampton, VA

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