Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 12

  Another productive day.  A good workout, water consumption and meals!  Oddly it seems to be getting easier.  Last week I had that take out salad. I needed/wanted takeout.  Lucky for me I wanted a taco salad otherwise it could have been worse.  Don't get me wrong I never crave a salad doesn't matter if it's taco or not. So it must have been two world colliding. Take out versus healthy; to come up with a take out taco salad.

  The weekend is approaching and that's where I am more active so we shall see what we get into over the next couple of days.  No plans are set just one day at a time.

  Now onto the meals.  Breakfast was scrambled eggs with spinach and garlic and onion powder and pineapples.  One time I sprinkled those two powders on my eggs and I have never gone back.  My mom puts dill on hers but I don't get the flavor kick with that like I do with mine.
  Lunch was just leftover spaghetti and some squash.  The noodles are now officially gone but I still have the sauce to use up.  Some more zucchini boats may be in the future.  Or I could dump it in a pot with some more tomatoes, add some beans, spices and call it chili!

  Dinner was potato salad (I made mayo last night) a hotdog and corn on the cob.  In my potato salad was the mayo made, a couple hardboiled eggs chopped up and blended in there along with some cut up pickles and paprika.

  Lol, as I am writing this I am waiting on cookies to get out the over.   A healthy recipe I got from pinterest.  It has banana and chocolate chis in it.  No sugar, eggs or dairy.  I hope they are good.

  My water was 75 oz today and my workout was 33 minutes on the elliptical and weights.

Cookies were a success here is the recipe: banana-chocolate-chip-cookies

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