Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Young chef appearance canceled tonight!

 Well the young chef was here but not ready for performance.  She had a hard time finishing her food so as they say the show must go on.  Tonight was featuring a dessert with a healthy twist.

Chocolate Peanut butter Avocado Pudding!
Did you catch the healthy part?  I was going to make it anyways in hopes that I could slide it past the children. My son is a very picky eater whom also skipped his meal and I thought I would let him eat this to replace his lack of eating.  Sadly my young chef was still savoring her dinner.

This recipe had very minimal ingredients which you know I like! Easy and healthy let's get this thing moving.
Put all your ingredients into your food processor.  Pulse it until everything is blended together.
You now have a great dessert! Healthy, fast and easy! My type of meal!

Little man was not so fooled.
Its as if he knew something healthy was in the chocolate, peanut butter goodness.

This recipe took very little liquid so it was very thick. I suppose you could add a little more to thin it out.  I liked it though and I have had avocado puddings before.  This one had a nice chocolate flavor with hints of peanut butter and banana.  You couldn't taste the avocado at all.

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