Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 5 of 30 healthy challenge

  Started my morning with a carrot and peach smoothie compliments of my young chef assistant.  (See separate post for recipe and pictures)  I have been doing good with drinking 25 oz of water everyday with my breakfast.

  I always eat before my trip to the gym.  My workout today consisted of 30 minutes of the arc trainer and 15 minutes on the treadmill.  No weights today and no squats.  My pants didn't fit well enough me to move in that way.  Lol, they fit a little snug.  They fit enough for the cardio machine but definitely no bending, twisting or turning.  I must also tell you pulling them up after a trip to the restroom all sweaty was a chore too.  My problem is the thigh region (and maybe backside) but I think muscles are effecting the area more than that I am overweight.

Lunch today resulted in a meeting of the minds with my fitness group.  To make it this far is killing me.  I eat fast food, I eat sugar and I just wanted to go out.  Now granted I ate Mexican on Monday and Tuesday was chick fil A so I had been out but, not enough.  I wanted something and to smell fast food would have even been a reward.  I had posted my request of fast food and taco salad.  The ladies provided me with two places and good options.  Chipotles salad was the winner!
One word for this salad. H-U-G-E!!! I wound up eating half of it and may work on more tomorrow.  I did skip the sour cream and cheese.  The onions in the pico were a little much for me and for a non-guacamole lover I sure got a big dollop of it. Washed my lunch down with another 25 oz of water.

Lastly dinner was a simple spaghetti also prepared with the help of my assistant young chef.  The spaghetti was a wheat pasta, homemade scratch sauce,( I have previously  wrote about this easy 3 can + spices recipe) and sausage along with a side of carrots.  Again washing it down with 25 oz of water.

Pleased with my day regardless of the take out because I still did my best to get something healthy.

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