Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 6 of 30

  Whenever I wake up without children awake and someone home it gives me the perfect chance to get a good workout in uninterrupted.  Today was that day!  I decided what route I was going to run, set my app to calculate my miles, turned my music on, clipped my running bag and I was off.

  I am not a marathon runner but I do run for the exercise benefit.  I have run a couple 5k's and maybe I will run more but I more do it just because it's a challenge.  I do keep track of my distance, time, speed and calories.  I always change it up by running a different path just to provide variety.  Some paths have a smooth terrain others may have a few hills.

Today I went around the block which equaled out to 2.34 miles.  I did not run the whole thing there was walking involved in it today as well.  However, I must have walked to much because when I came home I picked up my bike and went back out.  I usually tow my kids around behind me.
So today was a nice change for riding my bike too.  Losing that extra 50lbs made me pedal a little faster, a little farther.  I biked 4.5!

  No the meal portion of my day.  Breakfast was made when I came home.  Hmm, it was a nice gesture and it would have not went over well if I neglected to eat it so I did.
To be honest with you all that grease was so good.  Corned beef hash, a piece of bacon, egg with cheese and some peaches.  I even washed it down with some orange juice and my 25 ounces of water.
  I think all that grease must have swelled in my stomach because I was not hungry at all.  I finally made myself eat.  Still dwelling on my not so healthy breakfast I tried to make a a healthy choice. A bowl of salad with carrots and tuna along with a bowl of yogurt and a sprinkle of granola.
Dinner was a surprise attack on my mission too.  Now, I must tell you something serious.  You need support from your significant other.  They don't need to adhere to your diet but it is not fair to put temptations in front of you.  I declare portions of my dinner to be my cheat meal.  We are allowed 2 and tonight's meal falls into that.  Dinner out at Outback's.
See the nice healthy salmon and veggies! Aren't they pretty. So healthy and good for you.  Well this is what came after the appetizer.   The appetizer we always get when we go there. A treat like no other. Behold the bacon cheesefries!
I did partake in some of these. Happily it was a smaller portion than I usually do but this was definitely not a healthy choice.  But, I did have self control as I declined dessert and my sweet tea. These two are my staples most everywhere.

I guess I'm glad I did that biathlon earlier. You just never know what meals are ahead of you in the day.  Lol, I did get 100 +oz water down too! Yeah!

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