Friday, July 17, 2015

Young chef and a smoothie

  I am trying to eat healthier for a 30 day challenge and young chef is more than happy to help me with whatever task that requires in the kitchen.  Today she helped with a smoothie.  The even better news is she saw what went in it and still had a cup of it!!!

A peach and carrot smoothie was for breakfast today.  Some basic ingredients go in here and this smoothie went without yogurt as all my yogurts have been for the week.  This one did take water but a couple other smoothies from the week took almond milk.   I also haven't put yogurt in any of them.  Some may have called for Greek yogurt and at the moment I don't have any of that on hand either.

This smoothie just like all the rest called for a banana!

 Here comes the water!
Plus some carrots. Young chef is ok with carrots, she won't eat them but apparently can handle them.  She does however have this strange hatred towards broccoli. I told her I'm going to look that recipe up. I mean after all she just drank carrot and liked it maybe I can bring her and broccoli closer together.
 She is all of a sudden proficient in the blender.
I must admit she took the first sip before me but, only because I was still pouring my cup.  She approved it before I even took a drink.  I took a sip and decided to add the optional honey.  Umm, yeah. This smoothie was definitely strong in the carrot department in regards to flavor.  There were of course the shreds of it but, I didn't taste that poor yummy peach at all.  I will try this drink again and maybe reduce the carrots next time.

Recipe credit: peach-carrot-smoothie

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