Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 13, 14

Day 13

  It is getting harder and easier but I can see physical changes.  You can't get discouraged when you can see the improvements.  If nothing else this is the biggest motivating factor there is.  A big hurdle for me is not just the eating at home and making healthy meals or skipping junk food it's the choosing the easy road.  Making an excuse to eat something I don't need to, eating something because it's there.  When take out is brought home its hard to deny, when we usually eat somewhere on a specific day it's hard.  When I am spending the day with my kids out and about (I may pack them a lunch but get real skimpy on my own meal.  It's not hard to fix all these areas but it's just easier said then done.

Breakfast: peach oatmeal smoothie
lunch: leftovers hotdog, potato salad, squash
Snack: pineapple
Dinner: 1/2 chicken parmesan sub, cheesefries and a hmmm chocolate covered cannoli!!!! Now if I eat half today and half tomorrow how does that equate to cheat meal? I haven't eaten all of it yet.......
75 oz water
workout weights

Day 14
Breakfast : scrambled eggs with garlic,chicken and spinach. A bowl of fruit
Lunch: nothing
Dinner: taco and rice sweet tea
75 oz water
workout: rest day

  Meals have been skipped and not so good meal choices have been made.  For the last couple days and a couple more for the next couple days will be not so good choices.  I know this because #1 I'm catching up with posting my days. (I'm actually on day 16 even though I'm writing 13 and 14 plus I will be indulging in 1/2 price cheesecake.)

  My workouts are stable if not over what I normally do but that alone I am witness to as helping the whole overall process.  I confidently say I will not make a poor meal choice because I missed a meal.  I miss a meal and keep it moving.  I will not over eat or grab the wrong thing but not eating is not good either.  You need to eat and I know this!!  I have done good and I have just hit a couple hiccups. Game on as I finish this 30 days hard and strong!

Keep watching and follow this ride!!! I'm real and living this out and proving it can be done! Thank you for your support and encouragement.

** UPDATE*** I actually never got to eat the whole cannoli as my husband ate the other half.  That took care of that!

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