Friday, July 31, 2015

Review of our staycation bowling experience

  So while we were in one city I wanted to make the most of it.  The city of Hampton has a lot to do and everything doesnt have to cost a lot of money.  Take advantage of summer discounts and combine them with other free activities to get the most out of your day.  Taking a little time to research and plan helps reduce unnecessary driving thus saving gas and precious time.

  We have participated in the kids free bowling a few years ago and I am glad that it is still around.  It provides a nice opportunity for kids to learn and have fun at something else.  Something a majority of children have never tried before.  Summer is not just about the pool and beach, bike riding or playing more video games.  Get out and try something new.  At the rate of a few dollars for a shoe rental it provides with you with a nice new experience.

  There are only two locations in my local area this year.  I choose Spare times and was not disappointed.  The staff were very nice, they raised the bumpers, located two small bowling balls for us and even input the players names!  During mid afternoon there were plenty of lanes open so we were not sharing a common area.  It was just my children and I left alone to play in our own world.

  I was fortunate to only need to purchase one pair of shoes for one child so that was $3.  I personally would love to buy her a pair and it would make a great investment if you were going to go everyday all summer but we will not be and her feet will grow again before she will have the chance to wear them next year.  I stood the sidelines and assisted and directed when needed but for the most part the 2 and 4 year old bowled by themselves.

  We spent maybe about an hour there at the most.  Distractions come up, potty break intermissions, a roll away ball at one point but I don't remember any tears this time around.  They both played pretty well on each of their games and played well together.  Team mom earned some points this day!

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