Friday, July 10, 2015

Minion craze

  We see a lot of movies.  I might as well offer my two cents after we see them.  You can take or leave my opinions.  I promise not to tell you the endings or leak any serious plots or lack thereof.

  Today we saw Minions.  I guess because it was opening weekend and/or we got there early enough we were gifted minions toys.
I must say this was a cute concept but twice we found ourselves looking for the one belonging to my youngest.  He seemed to be oblivious of its lack of presences but it was the principle of the fact. It was free and ours. We asked a little louder, a little more stern, "Where is it?" To which he said nothing.  We even got the phone out and searched. The first time we found it was easier than the second.  The second time we found it the movie was over and it had made it to the row in front of us under the seats. 

  I gauge the movies on how still my youngest can sit.  If he needs to make multiple trips to the bathroom, can't sit in his seat, tries to make conversation; then this is a good indicator of how good it really is.  Granted he is almost 3 so what does he know but.........  He has seen a variety of movies and can and will sit through some of them.  Some I have agreed with and not been amused either. 

3 out of 5.  The movie wasn't horrible but...... without giving anything away for an extended period of time I thought I was in the wrong theater. If you go to see this movie you will understand. (Remember I'm not divulging anything.)  I was amused with the animation as all kids will be. Of course there were funny parts. Underwear parts and maybe a passing gas part.  There were some slow parts as well.

  Guns, crime displayed and brief nudity (underwear).  This is a movie about them finding a new boss.  We all know the minions are attracted to the villains.  This movie is no surprise.  The little fellas hitch a ride in hopes of finding their next boss and it is entertaining.

Have fun with the kids and pair this movie with a nice treat from McDonald's to pick up a Minion toy in their happy meals!

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