Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 19

  What could it be?  It's 10 days left till this challenge is over! Yeah, for that.  Not because I want to go out and gorge on junk but everyday seems like I'm studying for a test.  So much focus on what I'm eating for all my meals.  The exercise I can do without thinking twice about.  However healthy meals require more effort on my part plus avoiding or ignoring not so healthy meals also requires more concentration on my part.

Today was a light day for me.  I must point out even when it looks like I'm not eating a lot. I promise I am truly not starving to death.  We have grown accustomed to eating more than we need anyways.  Some days I am hungrier than other days. Some days the urge to snack is huge other days particularly the ones I skip a meal on do not honestly phase me especially like I said if I go to sleep.

  I may be smaller than others but you know how we view ourself is all we really see so what you see in me is not what I see.  However I am really loving my legs and stare at them often.  Haha when I put my hair in a ponytail I also admire my arms.  My gut on the other hand is still a work in progress.  I have read that sometimes that skin may not go back to pre-baby.  I will work on it and just hope for the best.

Breakfast: muffin, yogurt, peach
Lunch: Caesar salad with chicken
Dinner: garden salad with hard boiled egg

Snack: cottage cheese with pineapple
75 oz water
Today's workout was weights and a focus on the abs.  I need to pay more attention to that area instead of ignore it.

Only recipe credit I have for you is the dressing for the Ceasar salad.  The dressing on the other was a very basic vinegarette with olive oil, vinegar and some water.

Recipe credit: healthier-caesar-salad

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