Monday, July 13, 2015

Chef in training! Smoothie served up

  I went to the library the other day and when I go I stock up!
I specifically picked out kids cooking books on hopes of finding some easy recipes to use with her in addition to recipes I have on hand.  One night before bed we flipped through a book.  It was our bedtime story for the night.  We looked and talked about all the recipes.  Which ones I had all the ingredients for on hand and ones she wouldn't try at all due to the vegetable content.  We even found some recipes that can be combined to make dinner.

  Today's snack was a smoothie. Now not all smoothies are healthy and that's fine too but we will work on the healthy ones before we start in on the chocolate ones! This recipe was super easy.  3 ingredients and she can even tell you the recipe.

and yogurt is all you need.

  1 cup of blueberries, 1 banana and a cup of yogurt.  Blend it all together.

That's it!  Your drink is served.  Fruits and milk food groups have been accounted for.
She couldn't wait to try it.  She enjoyed the purple color and watching the colors blend together.  She said it was delicious!  Another recipe completed and successfully consumed.
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