Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Summer is upon us and things seem to get a little more challenging.  It's hotter out so now you get to squeeze in some pool or beach time but definitely more outside time.

For the last two weeks my daughter has been attending Vacation Bible School.  She loves attending.  Whether it's the school learning environment, the playing and interacting with other children or the snacks; she gets ready so she can go.  I am enjoying her stories of what she learned, saw and ate when I pick her up but this gives her brother and I special time together.

I am appreciating this extra one on one time with my youngest, my last, my only boy.

We have gotten to swim together, play outside, shop and even watch a movie.  It is only Wednesday we still have days to go!  We are going to visit our local library for story time pick some new books up and we may even squeeze in a playground visit tomorrow.

I recognize the whole opportunity that I am being given and I appreciate it.  This is a win win for everyone.  My little boy will grow up soon enough so I will hold on to what I have.  These moments shared between us are special.  It is a chore to make children feel loved and special when they are together but those special moments between one parent and one child are so rare and should be experienced once and awhile.

How do you share undivided time with more than one child?

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