Sunday, July 12, 2015

My daughter the chef in training

  I am going to help my youngest daughter learn some skills, become self sufficient and better herself.  I am going to give her lessons to prepare, cook and bake.  Along the way we will reiterate measurements, time, different food items, and hopefully taste everything because she made it!

  Our first cooking lesson recipe was for breakfast.  I must admit the recipe is not new to us.  We have enjoyed it before she just has never made it before.  I guess starting with a acceptable meal is a good start.

  We briefly discussed measuring cups and spoons.  They are all different and they hold different amounts.  Some hold liquid and some are better for solids.  Some recipes call for small amounts so we just use spoons.  All of that is very easy for a child to understand.  The whole cup, half cup quarter cup will catch on eventually, lol.

  Kitchen safety will be addressed every time we cook also.  She may not always cook but she needs to understand how to be careful around hot things: pots/pans, stove and oven.  Knives which are a long way off.  Even various electronic appliances such as a blender or toaster.

Strawberries and Cream Oatmeal is what she made!  She measured out her oatmeal.

Then added her milk.

 Cut up her strawberries very carefully (butter knife).
 Waited ever so patiently for it to cook
Stirred her strawberries and sugar together.

Then after adding a spoon of sour cream and strawberries on top it was ready to eat!

Recipe credit is usually never mine and this is no different.  Credit goes to marthastewart!


  1. My six year old daughter is so excited to be going to cooking class with her dad all week. He's teaching a week long cooking class to 7-11 year olds so she's pretty excited to be in his class and learn to cook. I wish my parents would have taught me more about cooking at a younger age.
    Angela @ Stepping into Motherhood

    1. Hi Angela!
      I don't remember being taught as a child either. How exciting for her and she will love it. She will be helping more in your kitchen after her classes! I look forward to it becoming more consistent and her starting on her own. So far we are only at peanut butter and jelly and a bowl of cereal.