Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 11 of 30

  Ooh I am so close to the halfway mark I am just excited for that!  Nothing to momentarily will happen but I will have made it and have a couple weeks to go!  Today I will say was a good day too.

  I got up early today and stayed awake instead of going back to asleep so this allowed a few more things to get done before the kids woke up and before we went to the gym.  I even got to the gym earlier today!  Breakfast was a peach and cream oatmeal.  It was very creamy without the flavor of cream but very good I must say!  I did skip the topping which would have probably fixed that problem.  I used fresh peaches which when cut up and cooked in the oatmeal it exploded with juicy goodness when you bit into it.

  Lunch was leftovers from Outback. Steak and potatoes.  I  usually very bad with leftovers.  I will eat out and bring the food e and not eat it then weeks later different I out to eat.  Even food I have made at home doesn't necessarily get eating within a specific time frame.  But I have eaten leftovers for a few days, yeah me and refrigerator.
  Dinner was again leftover pasta salad.  It's not even close to gone yet.  I think it still has a few more days to it.  But I'm still pleased with how it tastes even though it was way better the first day.  The beans when cooked split open and almost taste like chicken.  The peppers are not as delicious but as a leftover it's really not that bad.  To accompany the salad I made a salmon.  As you have seen the last few days I have eaten more whether it is because of all the extra exercise and activities I am doing and burning off or I'm just hungry.  It may also be a phase and taper out.  This salmon is one of my favorite ways to eat it.  I do enjoy salmon and eat it a variety of ways.  This recipe however makes this delicious crunchy flavorful top with walnuts and ahhh, breadcrumbs.  I used Panko today but have used regular or homemade before.

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