Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I tried it!

  As some of you know I have been conducting reviews so when I received these
the last time I ordered it only seemed fitting to find something great to try with them. 

My children love chocolate and have been asking for popsicles on a daily basis so I decided to put the two together.
I looked up chocolate pudding popsicles and decided on these chocolate-pudding pops!
As you have maybe read I do not claim to be a master chef, I am just an average mom with improving cooking skills that likes to eat!  I bake (can I put pudding in that category) in my opinion better than cook.  I do like myself some desserts.  I would like to say I am getting better and as I acquire more kitchen gadgets the sky is the limit!
The ingredients are very simple and you may have all of it on hand already.
Obviously chocolate is the star ingredient!
  The key to this recipe is patience as you stir the pudding while it boils.  

This is the most important part as you are making pudding and you need your milk and chocolate to thicken.
Is it ready, yet? Nope!
Now? Almost!!
Now? Yes!  The pot comes off the stove top to an ice bowl to cool down before we fill and stick them into the freezer.
Fill, (I will add that while I was filling them I noticed a lonely egg yolk that didn't quite make it into the ingredients- now I'm sure there probably was some importance to this but everything worked and tasted just fine).freeze and


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