Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chef in training with the oven

Granola bars today!  This is another recipe we have eaten before but this guarantees she will eat it, of course we know it's healthy because we know what's in it, and they are better than a packaged one! Making your own is easier than you think and you can choose to add nuts, chocolate  chips, raisins, cranberries or even flax or Chia seeds.

We followed the recipe but some of you will make it healthier.  You will skip the egg and oil and substitute it with applesauce and for you guys I give credit to.  I have to follow the recipe for fear one twist or turn will create disaster.

Young chef has been trained to wash her hands before she does anything in the kitchen and this time since we were using the oven we learned how to set the temperature and then later the timer.
She also got a lesson in leveling her flour.
She got to add her favorite spice cinnamon too!

She stirred her dry ingredients.
She then measured her wet ingredients and made a well for them to go in and stirred again.

We got another lesson in leveling the food out.  Why we need to and how we do it!
These granola bars cook for 30-35 minutes.  This means a whole different lesson in patience.  We set the timer and I instructed her that the food is not done until the timer goes off.  She asked exactly twice while it was cooking if they were ready yet.

Recipe credit goes to allrecipes.

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