Monday, July 13, 2015

1 point for Mom

  We have looked at boats lately.  More for my benefit but depending on the boat it could benefit the family.  A kayak would obviously be to my benefit.  It would be a single person one. A way for me to get outside and enjoy a little peace and quiet.  It would be open and available for others as well but I am the only one asking for it.  I am struggling to prove my muscles are more than just show.  On the other hand a canoe would benefit more family members. I love water and being out on it is a nice change of pace.  We have looked at both boats, paddles, life jackets, and ways to possible bring it to the water (cargo for the truck and wheels for it to be rolled to the water)

  I however am lacking in the concept of putting it on top of my truck.  I mean really how do people put their bikes in a upright position, boats even body boards that are wider than me on top of their cars?  It can't all be done by men, can it?  I have even looked at rentals.  That doesn't help.  They will put it on my truck but I still need to take it off when I get to my destination; and it needs to get back up there for the return trip. Maybe there's a you-tube channel for that.

  Well I remember my husband mentioning when I have rented a boat enough to cover the cost of a new one maybe we'll get one. Ha ha, I am $4 closer.  This momma took her 2 babies out on a lake and brought them back in the same condition. No one fell in! We all stayed dry to include my shoes!

I took that canoe off the rack,

dragged it to the water

and even paddled it all for the most part by myself.  My two co-captains did have paddles but I think they kept the boat moving in a circular motion when I wasn't looking.

I wish there was an app to tell me my distance/calorie count for boat work.  We did make it across the water to a bridge and then back again.  That bridge seemed pretty far away.  It would make me feel better to know I did such and such measurements.

Bottom line, I had been told I couldn't do it and I did do it! I managed it all with 2 kids basically by myself.  I felt very accomplished!  I have taken several hikes this summer but only one by myself it feels good to step outside of my comfort level and succeed!

I challenge all mom's to find something your not used to doing. Find something you have wanted to do but haven't for whatever reason.  Hike, bike, run, swim!  A lot of items on my daughters bucket list will have me stepping out of my comfort.  It's ok to bring back up to just have support (or put that boat on the truck).

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