Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

This week in one of my previous post you saw that I walked 7 miles.  The kids and I took a trip to 3 of our local state parks.  From previous post you saw I completed a visit 5 parks challenge and now I'm slowly trying to visit them all. Or at least that is the goal.  We headed to 3 parks that were located in northern Virginia.  It was a little over 2 hours from us so we left about 7.  It was a long day for us as we didn't get home until after 10 (see my healthy meal for day 8)
Please enjoy some of the nature we saw.
 These were various stones we sifted through to look for sharks teeth!
 This silly spooky tree was on one of the trails.  I could only imagine what it would look like with a candle lit in it.
 This was one of two big frogs we saw.  Funny thing is somehow my daughter saw it and funny how he didn't move and one of us would have come awfully close to stepping on it.
 A beautiful spiderweb as the sun hit it.  We saw a lot of dandy long legs which are the only spider I'm comfortable with!
 One park had all these twisted trees.  More twisted trees here then I ever saw. They were neat to see.
Mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms! We saw all different colors, sizes and shapes.  They are neat to see and my daughter has taken up pointing them out whenever she sees them.

It was a great day for us.  I think the more we walk the more they appreciate what is around us.  We talk about safety and try not to freak out to much when the snakes appear. (one this time went across the path behind us when we looked)

The walking on various trails in the woods takes some getting used to but we bring water and a backpack with miscellaneous things so I hope I'm prepared.  I am enjoying seeing more of my state and am grateful for having earned the annual pass.  Definitely putting miles on my shoes and having a mostly good time with my kids. 3 more parks down!   Only a few more to go!

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