Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekly Recap

    It's funny to think you never do anything until you sit down for a moment and reflect on the week that passed.  For me reflecting on the week kind of grounds me.  It helps me know that I did actually do something.  Maybe got to do something I wanted too, alone time happened even if it was momentary or I accomplished a goal or task.

  We went to a fall festival.  Nothing is better  then games, ponies, bounce house, rides candy and snowcones free! Perfect weather was just a bonus!

  We also started our week off with a stop at a local museum.  The were celebrating 50 years!  Even though we missed the cake we saw plenty of animals and dinosaurs!

My 2nd official mammogram went better then the first.  Read more of that story here.  I had the mammogram reading then a few days later I met to receive the results.  I received a clean bill of health for this visit.  I will tell you when you have a scare you look at life differently.  It's a frightening experience.  I have never found that peace of mind again.  

I made dinner at home 3 days this week as one night was dinner out.  
Tuesday was salmon.
Wednesday was breakfast (pancakes).
Thursday was pulled pork tacos from the crockpot.

Did you catch our crafts this week? A turkey here and a turkey there.

I'm still reading this book.

Next book is.

My workout has gone pretty good.  I have been working out regularly.  I haven't gone to the gym everyday but between cardio and the gym; I have rode and ran 4 days this week! 

I was even thrilled hen I told myself to keep riding one day and made it almost 13 miles!


I have big plans this weekend and I can't wait to share them with you! Stay tuned!


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