Friday, March 16, 2018

Family Fun (pottery)

  I received a gift certificate last year to PottsnPaints and decided to share it with my kids.  This was the first time I had ever painted anything and of course it was a first for my kids too.

  We looked at all the shelves to decide which item(s) we were going to paint!

We looked in the clearance section.  

They of course have a big holiday assortment. Halloween, Christmas etc.

How about some dishes?

Everyone choose their items.

Then we were introduced to the color options.

It was so neat to see all the colors.  My kids couldn't wait to select their colors.  They had such an organized system.  Everything was numbered and easy to locate.

Our colors were chosen and it was ready to get busy!

My daughter selected an owl to paint.

My son selected a spider web to paint.

After we were done I tried to explain the process to them after wards.

We left them to be glazed and returned a few weeks later to pick them up.

My kids were so happy first off to see their pieces but they really loved them when they saw how shiny the pieces were.

My son made sure to make his as colorful as he could!

My daughter worked very hard on her details!

I think we had a great day together and we have physical pieces to go with the mementos this time around! 

I hope we do this activity again sometime.  We could make gifts for others, ornaments for the tree or anything.

Find time for your family this weekend and do something special!


  1. What a fun idea for an afternoon activity! We have so many places like this around us but haven't tried it out yet. My boys love to paint, I just need to see if there is an age limit at any of them. It looks like everyone worked hard and now you have beautiful reminders of a fun day together!

  2. This is awesome. Such a great activity to stay mindful and concentrate on the task at hand.

  3. That looks like so much fun! I wonder if we have something like this in our area! Would make a great rainy day activity!

  4. My kids love painting pottery. It looks like you all had wonderful family time.

  5. Oh how much fun. My kids and I love painting together. Always makes for a fun family activity.

  6. This looks like you all had an absolutely fabulous time together!!! I love going to places like this with my son! Daisy

  7. This loooks fun for kids. Great idea too, to ease their boredom at home. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I loved this kind of stuff as a kid! Great post, love being creative :)

  9. I think this activity is so cute. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this. It's great they get to keep and view their creations every day.

  10. I love it when you do things like this and have keepsakes in the end. I was going to say I love the spider web, but the owl does look pretty darn cute as well. Great fun!

  11. This is such a great way to have fun with family. Even I love pottery and would really enjoy making some nice pieces with my daughter.