Friday, May 13, 2016

Chocolate and Strawberries in a Muffin

  It is with great pleasure that I can introduce to you recipe number 13! Chocolate covered strawberries in muffin form.

  Of course I am focusing on the red berry part of the deal but chocolate is a nice compliment to the berry so why not make a recipe with both of them.

  I had made a few things from Sallys Baking Addiction so she's got my seal of approval to try another recipe!

  Tonight with the help of the teen is Chocolate Covered Strawberry Muffins.  I followed the recipe except exchanged the sour cream for two flavors of yogurt. I wasn't instructed to flour the strawberries for the muffins either, yeah!  One less step in the way of snacking.

All ingredients are mixed together in one bowl for the most part.  All ingredients are items you should already have on hand anyways (except I didn't have sour cream because we have been eating a lot of Mexican theme food this week and it seems to make a great condiment for these dishes).

  These muffins were delicious.  The chocolate chips and strawberries are visible and in every bite.  They were moist and it was fun to drizzle the chocolate on top.  The teen was very amused at her muffins tonight!

Here's to my 13th strawberry item on my strawberry monthly challenge!

Check out the recipe here:

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