Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week 8 Recap and New Goals

  Is it the end or just a new beginning?  Another week down!  Looking back at my goals I did ok.

1.Finish 2 books.
Nope not yet, I'm still working on Monday's Lie! This is week 9 and I'm on book 5.  I really need to get a move on.

2. Fitness. I did 33 miles in a combination of walking, elliptical and spin bike. I didn't take 4 classes only 3 this week. TRX, Barre and Mixxedfit.

3. Forgot about that freezer!

4.  I did make granola!  We had it as part of breakfast with yogurt on Friday as well as a snack.

New Goals

1. Freezer!  Since I dropped the ball last week. 

2.  Finish THE BOOKS is it more serious if I put it in caps?

3.  The weather is getting nicer outside I would like to get out and walk or jog or cycle. I don't remember the weather so I'm not going to out a number down. 

4.  Set up meal plan for a couple weeks! What's for dinner tomorrow ?  I don't know.  What's for breakfast?  There's almost always cereal!

  The banana muffins were good and appreciated last week.  I was planning on blueberry this week!

   Alright everyone! Good luck on what you accomplished last week and what you still need to do this week. 


  1. Wow, 33 miles is awesome! I had grand plans of starting to walk this week but then the weather and not feeling well threw that out the window.

  2. Don't force yourself to read. Just enjoy what you are reading!! Good luck with your goals this week. Blueberry muffins sound amazing!

  3. I have been slacking on my reading lately. I am also trying to make sure I get more fitness time in since its good for you to at least be stretching. Good for you with these goals.

  4. Awesome new goals. I look forward to reading how those work out for you. Good luck!!

  5. I love the idea of making a goal to read books as I a so terrible about spending time doing this! Those muffins look delicious!!

  6. What is mixxedfit?
    I think barre could count as 2 classes sometimes!

  7. Wow! You did 33 miles in a week! I really need to get back into running! You gave me the idea of setting weekly goals. Thanks!

  8. Reading more books is on my list of goals too. Good luck for your goals this week! :)