Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Random Acts of Kindness (sewing)

  Random Act of kindness means what to you?  Today at the library the event was for kids by kids.  My local library offers many events as I have mentioned before.  Well their latest one was to sew crayon pouches for kids.

  My kids know about volunteering and helping others but have never given physically from themselves.  Today they got that chance.

Today they sewed crayon pouches and left them there to be given away to other kids at a shelter or hospital.  The final destination was not determined yet.

  The kids are learning to sew!  They are getting better the more familiar they are getting with the concept.

The project started with a piece of red felt.  It was already pre-measured for us to use.

Tracing the heart was easy with an extra hand.

Cut out the heart for the front of the pouch. Yes, the pouch has a decoration!

Young eyes have just as much trouble threading a needle as older people.

So proud that my son likes to sew.  I don't see very well but he wants to take the class and does pretty well.

The finished project! 

The crayons slide right in and stay secure with the help of Velcro.

My kids had fun making these for unknown kids! I'm proud that they never questioned it once.  They didn't ask to make one for themselves either.  They seemed genuinely happy to make something and give it away.

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