Monday, February 12, 2018

Motivation Monday (Meal plan)

  When your a parent a family has to eat.  Gone are the days of a bowl of cereal or pizza every night.  I do plan meals because it makes the busy nights easier.  My recipes are a combination of recipes new and old as well as simple meals.

Last night we picked up a Rotisserie Chicken marked down for $3.  Mashed potatoes were whipped up as well as a side of corn!

2/12 Monday
Spaghetti and meatballs. I gave some leftover frozen meatballs that I will be using and combine tomato sauce, paste and diced tomatoes for the spaghetti sauce with a side of garlic bread.

2/13 Tuesday
Bajio Chicken from the crockpot.  This recipe is my favorite from

2/14 Wednesday
Sausage and more pasta.

2/15 Thursday
Salmon is always appreciated here! side of quinoa and some veggie.

2/16 Friday
The kitchen is closed. Every man women and child for themselves. Leftovers are served.

  What are you having for the rest of the week?  Do you meal plan?


  1. Nice, you have a planned meal for the 5 days! I do the same too, but I think yours is more healthier, you even have salmon :)

  2. I tend to meal plan prep lunches for Monday-thursday on Sunday evenings. I make a protein bowl with chicken breast chopped, brown organic rice, black beans and a little salsa

  3. I love that Fridays the kitchen is closed. I am still that adult eating whatever, whenever. But there aren't kids in the house so I don't feel too terrible.

  4. Meal planning is so simple yet I find so many people don't do it! I do my best to set out my week, but a lot of the times I fall short.

  5. Looks like quite the tasty menu! Good for you that you don't cook on Fridays, you need a day off for sure! Plus, leftovers are sometimes even better the second go-around!

  6. Looks like a yummy week! I love that Friday is a more relaxed night for the family!

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  8. Looks like an awesome menu. Even I usually dont cook on Fridays...hubby cooks on Fridays :)

  9. Leftovers are my FAVORITE meal to plan:) It is so much easier than planning a whole new meal.

  10. These all sound like great leftover meals. The Rotisserie Chicken is my favorite. I cannot believe it was marked down to $3.

  11. We don't really have a set meal plan but we do eat grilled chicken and veggies 5 nights out of the week

  12. I love meal planning myself! Saves unnecessary trips to the supermarket. What do you normally have on the weekends?