Thursday, February 22, 2018

Taster Thursday (Sparkling Water)

  This week we are sipping on a sample I picked up at Target.  We tried Lemon Sparkling water by Simply Balanced.  My kids don't drink soda or I should say most of the time on my watch. So opening the can was exciting despite that I said it was water.

  The kids were surprised by the bubbles.

They had a toast to celebrate their new taste for the week!

One child drank all of their cup.  One child didn't like it a bit.  No surprise which child didn't like it.  

The stats!

The can was 12 FL oz.  It was made only with natural flavors and had zero calories per one serving can.

The kids both liked the bubbles.  Both declared it to be sour but, one again found it good enough to drink.  It was OK for me.  I would like to try a different flavor.  I have not had many sparkling waters so I need to compare it to another.

Until next week.  We will eat what we know and play it safe!


  1. I have seen these drinks at target but I'm not a fan of carbonation.

  2. I haven't tried the Simply Balanced brand of sparkling water. I do love sparkling water as an alternative to soda and other sweet drinks.

  3. I love sparkling water but have never tried this brand. The next time I go to Target I will have to pick some up. I always purchase the water with all natural ingredients.

  4. I'm not a few of sparkling water, maybe the hint if lemon will change my way of thinking!

  5. Those look yummy! We usually drink sparkling water with dinner. My kids think it is special because of the bubbles!