Friday, February 2, 2018

Family Fun (outside play)

  A day outside with the right toys can bring smiles and fun for everyone.

It's not about who's winning.

It's about fresh air.

Stretched legs.

Off the couch.

Television and electronics off.

Hand eye coordination refined and little minds challenged.

  I get the privilege to of playing with one child then the other. Alternating between the kids and their chosen activity.

  Mom blow bubbles with me. Mom catch the frisbee. Mom throw the ball.

Trying to hold on to these moments. Savor the memories because they won't always want to play with me but, until then I will!


  1. Way to cold and too much snow right now. This summer for this kind game

  2. It looks like the little ones had lots of family filled fun outside - the grow up so quick so cherish these lovely moments

  3. WOW, looks like a great day. Alaways a good idea to include motorskill toys for younger kiddos

  4. Yes, they grow so fast, so take advantage while they still want you I have teens, so they are in their "I don't need parents" around stage. Definitely keep them disconnected from electronics as much as possible too. I find when I force my kids to disconnect for the day that they become a more pleasant to be around since they aren't rushing to get back onto their electronics.

  5. That is great that you can play with them together and separately. Each child does require their own time and in their own way. Outside is where one experiences life. Good job on getting them out of the house.

  6. What a great day to enjoy outdoors. Yeah better enjoy playing with your kids, coz time will come they would not play like this.

  7. it is always fun to play outdoors specially if the weather is good. My son plays love to play and we have incorporated activities that keep him away from gadgets.

  8. So cute! I love family days outside! My best memories were playing outdoors with my sister when we were younger!

  9. Summertime is perfect for these type of outdoor activities. It's winter here where I live and we just got hit with another pile of snow last night. I don't see kids wanting to play outdoors during the winter time.