Sunday, February 18, 2018

Week 8 Goals

  Let's get ambitious this week and aim high!  No, don't we do that already? 

1.  Finish 2 books!

2.  Fitness: 25 miles, 4 classes

I like TRX I just struggle with the time.  I like all types of cardio but, to meet 25 miles of accountability I need to stick to machines because I don't have a fitbit, lol.  So if I choose to swim or even dancing those are free unaccounted for steps/miles 

3.  Cleaning: freezer

4.  Make a snack for the week.  I'm thinking granola this week! This is my favorite recipe.

  I'll stop at 4!   Anything after that will just be a freebie!

  Good luck on your new week. A new week is a clean slate!  Full of new opportunities and possibilities! Challenge yourself and be kind to yourself. 

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