Saturday, November 14, 2015

Date 13

  This is not the last date.  You have the whole month to go!  However let's finish the date off with your partner with another bounding experience.  This date will not cost you anything.  This date will get the two of you together again for the end of this week.  This date will be unique and fun!

  Today's date is about getting in the kitchen.  Cook together with your partner.  Cook together or maybe one of you cooks one part and the other cooks another part.  Take turns being the cook and/or the assistant.  Maybe you can learn how to cook a new favorite meal.

  I cook a lot in my home but my husband will cook sometimes on the weekend.  For us it would be nice to make a dinner together alternating.  It drives me up the wall when he comes along and seasons behind my back.  He also hates to bake and would rather cook.  So this would be a juggling act for us.

  Have a go at it.  Cook something up and let me know what you made.  Hey this was a low cost or free date too.  Unless you went out and bought ingredients for a special meal this date cost zero!

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