Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holidays in the air

  What type of cookies are planned for you this year?

  I personally don't know quite yet.  I just kind of decided today we are making cookies and dig out recipes!

  Do you always make the same cookies each year?

  I make a few cookies from my childhood like gingerbread, anise cookies and pressed cookies but also try to make a few different and new to us ones!

  Do you me cookies solo or do you cook with your mom, grandma, children or siblings?

  Sometimes I make cookies by myself and let my older kids make some independently!

  Tis the season to get baking!  I would love some new recipes. Easy or slightly complex.  I get Betty Crocker's 25 days of cookies sent to my email but I don't think I can handle having that many cookies around in my house.

  I would love to hear your cookie stories feel free to post pictures or recipes!


  1. I love making cookies! Theres so many I make - chocolate chip, reeses, sugar, etc! It's so much fun : )

  2. I enjoy making them too! I have never done a cookie exchange but would like the benefit of eating some cookies without having to made them.